STA (respite)

STA – what is it/how to access


Short Term Accommodation and Assistance is a category of funding under Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Life in an NDIS plan. Term Accommodation (STA) is a time limited activity accessible that can be accessed for when a NDIS participant’s usual supports and/or accommodation are not available.  Short term accommodation or respite offers an opportunity for people with a disability to explore new environments, meet new people and also allows parents and carers to take some time out. STA includes all reasonable expenses in a 24 hour period including assistance with daily personal activities, accommodation, food and other activities. Most short term accommodation packages will be limited to no more than 14 days at a time. If more permanent accommodation options are required Supported Independent Living arrangement will most likely be explored.

DHC in collaboration with SDA Smart homes has a portfolio of properties built to the High Physical Support SDA specifications, that can be accessed for short stays under Short Term Accommodation and Medium Term Accommodation (see below) depending on eligibility and availability. DHC has partners with NDIS registered care providers who are committed to ensuring even brief stays in our modern and tech enabled accessible homes will be relaxing and enjoyable. Speak to our Housing Facilitator for further information on vacancies and eligibility.